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Greetings to our children and adult audience!

As a foundation for our today's activity is a years long working in "Rigas Jaunais Lellu teatris" (Riga's New Puppet theatre), where experience we achieved within the years, is desert of merit rich puppeteer and virtuosi puppet craftsman Aivars Pucitis. And then under the guidance of Ainars Jocis, in 1998 Rigas Jaunais Lellu teatris "I-a" (Riga's Youth Puppet theatre "I-a") was founded.

Since the years of its foundation, Rigas Jaunais Lellu teatris "I-a" gathered experience in working with children of different ages. Now it works in playing puppet performances as well as organization, formation, and administration of all kinds of original projects.

There are about 25 people occupied in creation of puppet performances. There are puppet craftsman, a scriptwriter, director, poets, composer, a carpenter and lots of other headman of their profession.
Each of them is a true professional in his craft. And when all of them work in one team, there a breathtaking, colorful and sounding performance comes into being. Furthermore, every movement of each puppet is "polished" within countless rehearsals, by actors who run them.

However, there is something which makes us different from other puppet theatres - for every performance there is original music composed and lyrics written, and each role can be recognized by the voices of many, daily heard and beloved radio people. And that is what peculiarly attract both kids and adult audiences because voices of such popular people like Renars Kaupers, Fredis, UFO, Roberts Gobzins and songs by Children Vocal Ensemble "Musas" ("Flies") engage and gladden them.

Our theatre attained great co-operation in all the schools and kindergartens within Latvia's regions and even elsewhere...